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US Navy Case Study

Case Study 1
ESI was tasked by NSWCCD to develop an industrial process to allow shipyards to chemically clean surface ship soil collection piping systems. Differences in ship sizes, in drainage systems (gravity vented and vacuum non-vented), in plumbing arrangements, and in types of sewage collection plants was somewhat overwhelming.

This, coupled with difficulties associated with controlling the process to assure effective scale removal without excessively corroding the piping system imposed major obstacles to this development. Frequent transfers of information and ideas, trade offs of alternatives and mutual decision making efforts between ESI and NSWCCD personnel were required to overcome these obstacles. Through this joint undertaking, innovative procedures and associated hardware were identified to achieve an efficient and safe soil piping systems' chemical cleaning process.

The end result was an approved Uniform Industrial Process Instruction (UIPI 5281-450) for use by all Navy shipyards. A follow-on draft military standard was prepared jointly by ESI and NSWCCD for use by commercial shipyards and contractors.Removing the scale once it has already formed is one issue, preventing it from forming is another.

Case Study 2
ESI was tasked by NSWCCD to come up with a specification to deal with the latter issue. The constraints imposed by the Navy community, i.e., the specification must be performance based and could not require shipboard testing, again required frequent communications between ESI and NSWCCD personnel.

The interaction between personnel with shipboard experience, especially with onboard sewage systems and the soil drain piping itself, was essential. NSWCCD and ESI individuals fulfilled this need. Together they identified critical design and verification requirements and in some cases created suitable verification tests.

The end result was the recently approved military specification (MIL-PRF-32217) entitled "Scale Prevention in Sewage Collection, Holding and Transfer (CHT) and Vacuum CHT (VCHT) Piping Systems for Use on Naval Surface Ships".

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